Wednesday, March 24, 2010

-6- Jiro the Giraffe

Hi guys! I don't have any interesting ideas to write so today I'm gonna introduce you one of my friends in Dublin! Today's main protagonist is Jiro. He's a bit special from the others because I bought him on my own lol. Actually I brought him to clean the laptop screen (yes, he is a wiper in a giraffe shape) but he was so cute I couldn't see him to be treated that way. So, from the day I bought him, he was a great accompany of mine, sitting on the table 24/7 watching me all the time. That's so nice of him.

As you can see, he likes to sit around. On table, on my books, even on highlighters! I think he's comfortable that way. He never even blinks eyes just to keep eyes on me!

One day, I caught him using my laptop and to my surprise, he even has Facebook!

What kind of giraffe likes to study? I wonder if he can sit exams for me next week.

Jiro has friend as well! This is Mr Bear, brought all the way from Malaysia! :D Mr Bear sudah busuk sebab tidak mau mandi.

Before Mr Bear came in, these two are the original tenants of my room. The names are Nirasu the Sea Lion and Shinaru the Cat. Both are busuk already sebab tidak mau mandi juga.

After doing this, I just realized this is kind of stupid. HAHA


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