Tuesday, March 30, 2010

-10- New coat

New coat =)

Monday, March 29, 2010

-9- Small but Large

Had Medicine and Surgery papers done today. And the outcome was sungguh what the hell. I mean, really. It was really disaster especially Medicine's Data Interpretation paper. The 6 problem-based questions that must be solved within 2 hours felt like 60 questions in 20minutes. T_T I dare to say that I will have to come back one week earlier from summer break to take resit paper...


Enough about exams. I still have OSCE on Thursday but let's just ignore that. What I really want to show here is my new white coat. Got it today and it's free from University College Dublin. Keluar2 exam hall tengok ramai orang beratur, rupanya ade orang agihkan white coat free hasil sumbangan Faculty of Medicine gituh..

And I need to show to you all the "awesomeness" of this white coat.

There, unwrapped and put nicely on bed. Masih ada bau cina kata orang tua...

Actually the Juniors a year below got this white coat 2 months ago. What we envy is the logo embedded just above the pocket. It really shows ~*~*something*~*~

But little we know that this white coat is very



No, your eyes don't deceive. It really says SMALL REGULAR HEIGHT 164-176cm. Nang tinggi lah orang paling kecik omputih tok owh....kekdahnye!

Makes me think 187 times to wear it to hospital. Dissappoinment.

P/s: Nak pakai white coat camni gi hospital, boleyh?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

-8- Harry Potter Theme Park

Kepada sesiapa peminat Heri Poter aka muggles di luar sana, maybe ade yang menangis tengok nih. I WAS one of the Harry Potter fans tapi makin dewasa ni makin hilang lak minat tu..even the latest movie pun tak tengok lagi wawawa

Anyways, it'll be opening soon in June (hopefully). In Florida. United States of America. Jauh. Ke hujung dunia. Why la tak buat kat Europe kan senang pergi!! Makin kaya la JK Rowling tu dapat royalty, duit takkan abis sampai 7 generasi kekdahnye.

Iols teruja! :D

Friday, March 26, 2010

-7- Love Meow

To all cat lovers out there, check this blog out.

~*~*~*~LOVE MEOW~*~*~*~

Just for a precaution, it contains massive cuteness. Make sure you're ready jiwa dan raga.

I personally love THEO the black cat just because he can speak with his Papa! How cute is that! You must check the video or you'll regret your whole life. Plus, that Japanese guy (Theo's Papa) is a cutie as well :D

Kimora approves. Or maybe not?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

-6- Jiro the Giraffe

Hi guys! I don't have any interesting ideas to write so today I'm gonna introduce you one of my friends in Dublin! Today's main protagonist is Jiro. He's a bit special from the others because I bought him on my own lol. Actually I brought him to clean the laptop screen (yes, he is a wiper in a giraffe shape) but he was so cute I couldn't see him to be treated that way. So, from the day I bought him, he was a great accompany of mine, sitting on the table 24/7 watching me all the time. That's so nice of him.

As you can see, he likes to sit around. On table, on my books, even on highlighters! I think he's comfortable that way. He never even blinks eyes just to keep eyes on me!

One day, I caught him using my laptop and to my surprise, he even has Facebook!

What kind of giraffe likes to study? I wonder if he can sit exams for me next week.

Jiro has friend as well! This is Mr Bear, brought all the way from Malaysia! :D Mr Bear sudah busuk sebab tidak mau mandi.

Before Mr Bear came in, these two are the original tenants of my room. The names are Nirasu the Sea Lion and Shinaru the Cat. Both are busuk already sebab tidak mau mandi juga.

After doing this, I just realized this is kind of stupid. HAHA

Sunday, March 21, 2010

-5- Harlowwwww

*blow the dust away from the page*

Hi! Erm. Yeash. Its been more than a month since my last post, yeah? Berhabuk bersawang segala..have to do spring cleaning la after this. Told you this is gonna be another wasted blog yang akan terbiar berminggu-minggu till another coming post.

It's officially spring now, guys! One week to go before my medicine & surgery exam huhu! For now I'm stuck in home to bury my face in those books (and internet) until I will free again like flying dragon dragonfly! Gituh...

This is dragonfly. Not a flying dragon. Courtesy of wiki lol

But you know what, I think:
1. I'm gonna window shopping tomorrow. Alasan nak release tension kononnye, padahal nak buang masa. Tapi I have to renew my Gardai card yang dah luput 16 March lampau, which makes me a PATI of Ireland for about 5 days now teeheheee :D

2. I need a new layout for this blog. It looks very dull, kan? Needs brighter colours and stuff, balloons and rainbows if that really necessary.

3. I need glasses. My eyes are getting bad than ever.

4. I need to get off now.

edit: changed my layout! :D